Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A wee bit late...

Why am I so rubbish at keeping my blog up to date? Surely it can't be that hard? To be honest I've been busy the past few months.... Finished university.... yaaaay so now all I need to do is get a job... I'll get there eventually.

So my LS... well I've got quite a tale to tell lets be honest... I went to clinic that I was referred to by by gynecologist. The doctor sat me down and opened with... "so you've been referred from the sexual health clinic with a  bit of an itch"  !!!!!!! I was sooo irritated by that comment but I said, no I've been diagnosed with LS and I've been receiving treatment for the past 18 months. The doctor then went on to say I don't know why you're here.. you're at the wrong clinic.... blah blah blah. It was a disaster of an appointment. Then it clicked for me, I had been given an appointment for September, but then later got a letter to say my appointment had been moved to July and as it happened they had moved me from one clinic to another. So a total waste of time. I was able to get an appointment for the RIGHT clinic the valvular/dermatology clinic. The great news is that I have NO active signs of Lichen Sclerosis however I have quite substantial regression... aka my vagina is disappearing!! pretty much. The doctors were a wee bit concerned because according to them usually the regression goes hand in hand with pretty severe flare ups but who knows. They pretty much said there's nothing they can do for me. If I had a tenner for every time a doctor said that to me!! But they have started me on estrogen cream? just as a shot in the dark to see if it makes any difference. I have to say... I really think its made my skin a lot fuller? I'm starting to actually have labia minora again... woohoo. I don't know if anyone has tried estrogen cream or talked about it... I'm not really sure but if you can and you haven't then talk to your doc about it because its made a massive difference to me.

I use dermovate twice weekly and my estrogen cream once daily.

Finally it seems like things are almost getting back to normal-ish?

Who knows what will happen but I have to say the clinic (the right clinic) I went to was fab. The doctors knew exactly what they were talking about and what to look for so don't settle for a doctor that doesn't have a clue!! Find someone that knows or is willing to find out because it can make a world of difference!!

Hope all is well,

Peace and Love